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We are a team of dedicated craftsmen with over 20 years experience serving the following areas:

  • Tazewell County
  • Central Illinois
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By choosing Brad Burgess Construction, our clients are guaranteeing that their projects will receive an exemplary amount of detail to every step along the way. Brad and his team of skilled craftsmen are dedicated to satisfying the needs of every client. Brad Burgess has over 20 years experience in the building industry. In these years he has been enhancing his skills as a craftsman throughout Central, IL. Brad has earned his reputation for integrity and complete customer satisfaction.

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Chris Hobbs

Work Completed Date:
May 08, 2015

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Description Of Work:
Brad installed ,windows, a french door, trim and also generalled a couple of other small projects.

Member Comments:
We met with Brad a couple of times during the project scope process and he was always prompt and enthusiastic with our projects and ideas even though he primarily builds homes, he also does a great job with smaller projects like ours.
Brad ensured us we would love his crew and their work ( we were very happy with both). Brad replaced windows and a French Door as well as added a new window including cutting the hole in the wall, all without any issues. The comfort we got from dealing with Brad is that he is genuine and personable, he interacts with the homeowner and treats them as a partner but will not hesitate to guide you away from making a mistake by offering his experience and advice.

We have a relatively small but VERY WELL maintained home and Brad and his crews workmanship and pride really showed, everything from his suggestions and daily courteous interaction but even cleaned up daily.
Brad was fair with his pricing, didn’t try to hide anything or short cut, he simply explains that he does quality work with quality product and is very transparent with his costs.

Never once did I hear “that’s good enough" Brad always ensured the job was done right with absolutely no short cuts.
Having dealt with BAD contractors before I will GLADLY recommend Brad Burgess to any of my friends or family!
We are having Brad quote some more work involving the addition of a covered porch, can’t wait for this!

Shari Dinkins

Work Completed Date:
December 03, 2013

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Description Of Work:
Brad Burgess picked up my new home construction job after I fired my last contractor (who wouldn't show me bids, lied about prices and asked for $10,000 on the side). Brad met with me, heard my needs, came in with real bids, and is nearly done on my home in Peoria. He is the best service provider I have met during this process (and I interviewed many contractors for this job).

Member Comments:
Brad met with me in August to view my plan. He immediately contacted a number of trusted subcontractors and had me prices within a week. We signed a contract and worked with my local bank to move forward. Every step of the way--from working with excavators, plumbers, electricians, Brad has been there and provided a level of comfort and transparency for me. I can't tell you how much anxiety has been relieved when I've seen Brad and his two trusted carpenters, Scott H. and Scott H. on the job. He has kept in contact with me and allowed me a lot of decision-making without my feeling dropped on my head, if you know what I mean. Although I've gone slightly over budget (and I mean a few grand, not ten thousand dollars!), it's been because of my choices, not Brad's skills. He is the best contractor I have found in the area. I would trust him with new home construction, remodels and anything else you need. Don't waste time with a crappy contractor! Your life will be bad. Just call Brad.

I hired Brad Burgess after a bad experience with a disreputable construction firm in the area. Brad Burgess and his team did a fabulous job building me a new home. Not only did he stay under budget, but finished before the projected finish date. In addition to being an excellent builder, Brad was a very shrewd, knowledgeable project manager, going to any length to find the best deals and most efficient sub-contractors for the project. I ended up with a very solid, beautiful, luxurious home that will last the rest of my life. I have Brad Burgess to thank for this.